METALMAQ manufactures a 240 m/m V-shaped die at 80° for a customer in the south of France, a leading manufacturer of public work dump trucks.


The customer has a COLLY press brake with a tonnage of 240 tons and 4 metres of bending length, equipped with a free table (a table 400 m/m wide and without any type of channel or groove, i.e. completely flat) and wanted to manufacture a new product in 20 m/m thick sheet iron (with a resistance of 45 kg/mm2), while having no suitable dies to do so.

The manufacture of made-to-measure tooling is one of our specialities and it is very common for a customer who has had their old tooling for a long time to ask us to make a new product. Before carrying out any study, it is important to look at the tonnage of the customer’s press brake in order to make some calculations and define the possibility of making new tools.

To define these calculations, please see the BENDING TABLE (enclosed link; When looking at the thickness of the sheet, in this case 20 m/m (iron with a hardness of 45 kg/mm2), it can be seen that a 250 m/m V shape requires a tonnage of 102 tons per metre. Since the customer only wants to bend 1 metre and the press brake has a tonnage of 240 tons in total, it can be concluded that this die can be made for the work that the customer wants to do.


As seen in the calculations in the previous section, the characteristics of the die are as follows:

– Flat base of the die, as it is to be installed in a press brake with a free table.

– V shape with a dimension of 240 m/m (defined by the BENDING TABLE for bending 20 m/m thick sheet iron with a hardness of 45 kg/mm2).

– Angle of the die at 80°, as the customer wants to bend at 90° it has to be manufactured with fewer degrees to compensate for the bending that takes place when bending 20 m/m thick sheet metal.

– Provided with threaded holes on the sides (as can be seen in the photograph below) to be able to install rings to handle it, as it weighs almost 600 kilos.

Press brake die with V of 240 m/m
Press brake die with V of 240 m/m


The die is made of C-50 steel, induction hardened in the working areas to prevent wearing and thus prolong its service life, and finally it has been ground.

As can be seen in the image below, we have placed a punch mod. 10.10/88° (one of the best sellers in our catalogue) in order to show the comparison with the special die manufactured and how large this die is.

240 m/m V die compared to a standard punch
240 m/m V die compared to a standard punch