Sheet metal bending solutions

Solutions to issues with sheet metal press brakes

Sheet metal bending solutions

The best tips and tricks to comprehend and enhance metal part manufacturing on a press brake..

Metal sheet bending tables

The METAL SHEET BENDING TABLES are the basis of knowledge or operation to use the appropriate tools in the bending process, nowadays in the  electronic press brakes of last generation usually there are not installed the BENDING TABLES, since the current numerical...

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HARDOX and WELDOX material

Properties of HARDOX and WELDOX material We will explain the characteristics of this material: HARDOX and WELDOX are high resistance materials, widely used for its anti-wearing characteristics, with big hardness and high resistance, ideal for the manufacture of...

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Calculation of the development of a metal sheet

The calculation of the development of a metal sheet is a typical question often asked by many of our customers. Fortunately their experience is a degree and if not, today there are many drawing programs that do this calculation, in the same way that many CNC bending...

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tools for press brakes

Online store specializing in press brake tools and accessories. Discover the broadest range of tools and accessories on the market, designed for sheet metal press brakes.

Latest news

As experts in manufacturing press brake tools and accessories, each month we showcase a special tool, innovation, or attendance at international fairs..

Incorporation of NEW dies

Incorporation of new dies in METALMAQ’s standard production to meet the needs of our customers from all over the word. THE MARKET Promecam type dies are one of the best-selling families of press brake tools and of these, the T-shaped dies are the bulk of our sales. We...

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MANUAL TEMPLATE for press brake

MANUAL TEMPLATE for a press brake is the new product recently introduced by METALMAQ to the sheet metal press brake accessories market. R&D WORK Less than a year ago we launched the first MAGNETIC TEMPLATE on the market, and since then it has been a great success, due...

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Special tool for closure is one of the last projects we have done in METALMAQ, leaving a good lesson for future projects. THE PROBLEM Our customer, located in northern Spain, is a manufacturer of containers for the wine industry. In a new container design, they wanted...

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About Metalmaq

METALMAQ leads the press brake tooling industry, offering a diverse range of standard punches and dies with various fittings. Additionally, we specialize in manufacturing and selling accessories to enhance production and finishes in sheet metal deformation companies..

Established in 1985, our technicians boast over 30 years of experience, delivering specialized technical advice. With an extensive stock of standard tooling and worldwide shipping, METALMAQ is known for its prompt service, providing delivery within 24/48 hours in Peninsular Spain. The online store offers purchasing simulations to estimate delivery times.

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