Properties of HARDOX and WELDOX material

We will explain the characteristics of this material: HARDOX and WELDOX are high resistance materials, widely used for its anti-wearing characteristics, with big hardness and high resistance, ideal for the manufacture of tippers, excavator shovels, materials for quarries, etc.

Due to these properties these materials are also a little difficult when bending with the standard press brake tools. So we must consider putting the appropriate V and must know that this material has an important elastic return.

Hardox and Weldox Types

Attached is a PDF file where you can see the different types of HARDOX and WELDOX existing and their tips to fold it. In this file you will also see the tips for their shearing, as they also have their particularity.
This PDF addresses the issues of free bending and shearing of hardox® anti-wear steel sheets and weldox® construction. In these types of steels we have combined high strength with high purity and tight tolerances, which makes them excellent for cold folding. The following recommendations are given to obtain the best results with our anti-wear and construction steels.


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