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METALMAQ manufactures a special stamping tool and with a metal sheet drawing on the ends of the piece, for an AMADA press brake with Promecam mooring (or European tooling system).


Our client had to make a 4-Bend stamping at a time, on stainless steel sheet of 2,5 m/m, but apart at each end of the piece he had to make a metal sheet drawing. Our custsomer is a supplier of one of the most powerful food companies in all of Spain and for that reason the number of parts to be manufactured was very high.


In this type of work the solution is to make a small prototype of the tool and make a small sample to be able to send it to the customer and have it approved by him. Once everything was verified, the customer accepted the project and the production of the special tool begins.

The sample sent to our customer was the following :


We manufacture the special tool in an entire length of 1.224 m/m, to make all four folds in one fell swoop and at the same time to make the metal sheet drawing in the ends (approved by the customer), this makes the necessary tonnage more than considerable , about 220 Tons to make the stamping of the profile and stamping at the ends at the same time. We have to bear in mind that the sheet is 2,5 m/m in stainless steel and to shape the profile properly it takes a lot of strength.

The manufacturing has been done with one of our best materials, special steel 42CrMo4, with working areas tempered by induction (reaching hardnesses of 58 HRC) and rectified.

As the customer has a large-tonnaged AMADA press brake, the tool incorporates the mooring type Promecam (both punch and die), also known as the European mooring or tool mooring system Amada.

In the following photos you can see the detail of the metal sheet drawing system made at the ends of the special tool.

Profile of the manufactured tool.

Next we see the installation of the tool in our press brake MEBUSA (with mooring Promecam, European system or AMADA system) to do the relevant tests.


The pieces resulting from the tests have been perfect.

And the result, how could it be otherwise, is another special tool manufactured by Metalmaq with an excellent result as can be seen in the following video;