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METALMAQ manufactures a special tool
for press brake MEBUSA of 170 Ton/3 meter, to make a multiple bend of three bends at one single stroke.


Our client manufactures containers in thickness of 2 and 3 m/m in iron and wanted a reinforcement for his product, which also allowed him to do it with little effort and in a single descent of press brake. He informs us that among his various bending machines, the one with the most tonnage is a MEBUSA of 170 tons and 3 meters long and equipped with the Promecam mooring system (also known as the European system, the Amada system or the Mebusa system).


Our Technical Office designs the special tool and does it in 2 sections of 1,025 m/m at the request of the customer, since this facilitates the work of installing it in the press brake, being more manageable than in a whole section of 2,050 m/m.

What is really important in this type of tool is to calculate the force (in tonnage) that the press brake will need to make this multiple fold. In the worst case, the tool will work with metal sheet 3 m/m thick in iron (with a resistance of 42-48 Kg/mm2), according to our calculations, to make the three bends at one stroke we will need a tonnage of 80 Ton per meter and as the client wants to fold 2 meters; 80 Ton x 2 mts: we will need 160 Tons, as the press brake has 170 Ton we will have no problem in doing this work.
But we must bear in mind that, a priori, it seemed that the MEBUSA press brake had a lot of tonnage (170 tons) and instead we are going to use them all for the execution of the work.

The tool is composed of punch (upper part of the tool) and the die (lower part of the tool).

As you can see in the attached photos there is a certain inclination in the stamping part of the tool, this is done (after several tests), because when the press brake stops pressing, the sheet always returns a few degrees to its initial position, as in the inclination that we have given it we closed it a little more, the final result will be perfect, with a totally flat bend.

In the above photos you can see the tool installed in our test press brake and in the second photo the profile resulting from this test, made in thickness of 3 m/m in iron and with a perfect result!

The tool has been manufactured in 42CrMo4 steel tempered by induction in the working areas and rectified.


The result, in view of the attached video, is excellent, that is to say, the three bends are made at the same time with optimal result and increasing the productivity of our client.