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METALMAQ manufactures a special tool divided into several sections, to make a multiple bend and intended for a press brake AMADA of 3 meters.


Our customer manufactures trays for soundproofing and decoration ceilings, making a lot of production of this type of pieces. He does the query to make three folds in one fell swoop and because it is a tray with four faces, he needs to divide the tools to be able to finish the piece without releasing it and thus performing all the bending operations. Bending operations will be carried out in a 3 meters AMADA press brake, with Promecam tie system (also known as European system, Amada system or Mebusa system).


Our Technical Office designs the special tool and divides it into 6 sections, so that all the measurements of trays made by our customer can be made by combining the different sections.

Vista general del útil múltiple
Vista general del útil múltiple

The tool is composed of the punch (the upper part of the tool) and the matrix (the lower part of the tool), the guide being a very important part, since it allows us to guarantee its good functioning and perfect alignment (we think that in a special tool that makes several bends at the same time it tends to produce “tensions” and these can cause imperfections in the metal sheet, therefore the importance of a good guide of the tool, to avoid all these “movements”).

Punzón del útil especial para pliegues múltiples
Matriz del útil especial para pliegues múltiples
The tool is also provided with stops in each fraction of it, this allows us to make stop on the metal sheet without having to “enter” the stop of the press brake and that it may have collision with the tool. As you can see in the pictures above the stops are adjustable in case we must change the measures of these. The tool has been dimensioned at the same height as the standard tools that the customer has, so he can mount in the same press brake different stations and finish the piece without the operator releasing it, thus increasing production. The tool has been manufactured in 42CrMo4 steel tempered by induction in the work areas and in the guides and rectified.


The result, in view of the attached video, is a tool divided in six sections, with built-in stop (with the possibility of changing the stop by moving a simple screw), with a perfect guide of the tool (to avoid movements in its operation) and with an excellent result, that is to say, it makes all three folds at once with an optimal result. We have increased the productivity of the piece without compromising its quality !!

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