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METALMAQ presents a NEW punch for press brake that increases its catalog of standard tools.

Why a new model of press brake punch?

A few years ago we began to see how the import of Chinese press brakes has been increasing in our country and, in general, around the world. These press brakes have a very high punch, with a height of 150 m/m.

Due to the many queries we had to supply this punch model, we studied the creation of a punch, to be able to respond to these demands and create interchangeable punches with each other with the usual guarantees of METALMAQ.


The result of this study is the creation of a quite straight punch, with some entry to allow to make closed “U”, with Promecam tie and provided with safety anti-fall regatta, with H=150 m/m total (130 m/m + mooring), with Radio 1 m/m, angle of 85º and a resistance of 100 Ton/mt

It is manufactured in steel C-50 tempered by induction (with a hardness in the working areas of 52-58 HRC) and rectified . Obviuosly interchangeable with all those we suppy and with standard length of 835 m/m, 415 m/m and also a fractionated provided with anvils 835 m/m long.

This NEW model of punch we call it 10.05/85º and we already have it in STOCK, available at our customers disposal and with an incredibly fast delivery.

In the photos you can see the quality of the punches manufactured by METALMAQ

In the following sketch you can see the NEW press brake punch mod. 10.05/85º, with the most important measures . Thanks to the graph (red color) incorporated in it, you can see the dimensions of the metal sheet that can be bended and if there are “collisions” with the punch when bending it.

Croquis del punzón Promecam mod. 10.05/85º
Sketch of the punch Promecam mod. 10.05/85º

For what metal sheet press brakes does this NEW punch work?

The answer is very clear, for all the press brakes that have the Promecam type mooring system ; ACL – Acurpress – AM Machinery – Adira – Amada – Astrida – Axial – Baykal – Blecken – Boschert – Boutillon – Casanovas – Colgar – Colly – Dener – Durma – Ermaksan – Farina – Ferry – Gasparini – Güifil – Haco – Hidrogarne – Mebusa – Mecos – Megobal – Montgri (Combi) – Omag – Prada Nargesa – Prima Power – Promecam – Rico -Rocipleg – Safan – Salvagnini – Schiavi, etc

But above all, for the brands of press brakes that import from China, assemble or manufacture type ; BOZA MAQUINARIACECAMASAFEYSAMAKLINSMANKORPLEGLAG MACHINERYLAMINOVA LLAVIA-CUMSATRONZADORAS MG.

Where do I buy this punch?

The purchase is extremely easy, in our SHOP Online!!