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Portada Catálogo 11 Edición de METALMAQ
Cover Catalogue METALMAQ 11th Edition

METALMAQ publishes its 11th EDITION of its general catalogue, with new models and the incorporation of more photographs to better visualise the products.

An important change has also been to include the QR codes, to directly see the associated videos to many products, so that our customers understand their operation better.

Hereunder we will comment on all the NEWS:


On the back cover we announce our SHOP ONLINE, where the products are always up to date, with its prices, features, photos, possibility to download the plans in PDF, units on STOCK online, etc.

Our customers value our Shop Online very positively and appreciate the transparency that this implies.


On the same page we encourage our clients to follow our YouTube channel, where we teach bending techniques, special bending tools, new products, their features and much more.

NEW punch mod. 10.05/85º

With the emergence of the increasingly numerous press brakes of East Asia, we incorporated a new punch model, widely used in this market.

Punch manufactured with the material, treatment and characteristics that have made us one of the most important press brake tool manufacturers.

Modification of the punches mod. 10.12/35º and 10.11/35º at 30º

With the dynamics that characterise us and because customers asked that these two models of punches go at 30º, we modified them some time ago. But now it is reflected in our new catalogue and they become the model 10.12/30º and 10.11/30º respectively.

New Fast Clamp ST-50

We incorporate in the catalogue our NEW ST-50 fast clamp for the Promecam system. It is the easiest way in the market to extract and introduce Promecam punches, quickly and without tightening a single screw.

The best option quality / price ratio.

New Fast Clamp ST-70

Due to the sales success of the Clamp ST-50 Promecam, customers with AJIAL-COLLY mooring asked us for a similar clamp, but for this last mooring. This is how the Clamp ST-70 was born recently and its incorporation into the new catalogue is our commitment for all customers with AJIAL-COLLY mooring.

Kit Back Clamp

Kit Brida Posterior, para el sistema Promecam
Kit Back Clamp, for Promecam System

We also incorporate this practical KIT into the catalogue, so that customers who want to can install it on their press brake with Promecan mooring and thus be able to turn the punch, always tightening it from the front of the press brake. Again, simple things are the ones that produce the most important changes.

Incorporation of the option “Safety Klick” button

Botón "Safety Klick" para punzones Speed/Trumpf/Wila
Button “Safety Klick” for punches Speed/Trumpf/Wila

Punches with Speed / Trumpf / Wila mooring are supplied with pins. Now there is the possibility that on request they can be supplied with the new “Safet Klick” button, which reduces the preparation time of the folder and speeds up the tool change.

Support-P for protective film

For many years we have been supplying three types of protective film, the most famous being our well-known Goma USA (orange colour). To be at the “height” of this successful protective film we decided to create a support that will facilitate the work of installing it and without needing any type of screw. This support is made of high strength aluminium.

Front squares 53003 and 53004

Created from the comments and needs of our customers, they are two squares manufactured with high strength aluminium. The fixed manual square mod. 53003 and the renewed manual square variable angle mod. 53004, we believe that this type of square is essential for the bending of small metal sheets in the press brake.

Manual Back Gauge RPS-500/2

This RPS-500/2 Manual Back Gauge was a redesign carried out by its predecessor and this work has reinforced us to continue working in this direction, since it has created a reference Back Stop in the market, both for price, quality, robustness and reliability

Electric Back Gauge RPS-500/MOTOR

One of the latest additions, the result of comments and proposals from our customers. It is the only electric gauge of the market fully self-assembling.

Hopefully it will be a reference as its younger brother the RPS-500/2 Manual Back Gauge.


On the last page we find the explanation of our BLOG. Where there are three important sections;

NEWS; Every month we comment on the production of some special tool, really original and highlighted by its shape, design or originality. The latest news regarding the presentation of new products or attending an international fair.

BENDING SOLUTIONS;  It is the most original and most valued section by our customers. Here we explain the fundamentals of how to fold the sheet, tricks and several explanations that customers ask us.

COMPANY; An extensive explanation of who we are, what we do and where we are.