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METALMAQ presents its Laser Slag Cleaner machine, MQ Cleaner Laser1020, which is starting to become very successful among its customers.


As our customers know, we are specialists in the manufacture of press brake tools and their accessories, but many of our customers have laser cutting machines and they had already urged us many times to devise a machine to clean the laser combs or, as referred to by many, “fakir tables”.

After milling it over several times, we decided to see what was on the market, looking at various types of very expensive machines with a very complicated movement for cleaning. There were even some that had a second motor to drag the machine to make the movement easier.

There really wasn’t a machine that was easy to use and cost-effective, so we had a lot of room for innovation in a new machine.


Detail of the blades to clean the laser slag
Detail of the blades to clean the laser slag

The main innovation was to have the cleaning machine make an opening and closing movement to allow the cleaning to be done, but without it being difficult to move on the laser table.

We were able to get two machines that were lent alternately to several customers who had tried other types of laser cleaning machines. The response of “when can we buy them?” was unanimous. This is what encouraged us to start distributing them.


The NEW Laser Slag Cleaner has the following features and advantages that make it UNIQUE on the market;

– Innovative cleaning system, which facilitates smooth movement and extreme efficiency.

– Only one operator can clean the table.

– The cleaner works in both directions, where one comb can be cleaned on the way out and the other on the way back.

– Extremely short cleaning time.

– The polishing system removes all slag, no matter how thick it is.

– Safety for the operator, who is kept away from the area to be cleaned at all times.

– Significant cost savings on new combs.

– Savings in laser maintenance, consumption of lenses and consumables.

– Exponential improvement in the quality of the parts to be cut, as the adhering slag has an impact on the reflection of the beam and therefore on the quality of the parts.

– Elimination of downtime of the laser machine, as it is always in optimal conditions.


As always and so that the customer is clear about the machine, its advantages and ease of use, we have created a video to answer any question in just over 3 minutes.


We are so convinced of the capabilities of the machine that we are offering a 1-year WARRANTY.


This machine can be purchased through your usual distributor or through our ONLINE SHOP and will be delivered to your home at no additional cost (see conditions in the different countries where we operate).