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METALMAQ manufactures tools for a shipyard located in northern Spain.


Our customer has a 500-ton DURMA press brake 6 metres long and needs new tools (punches and dies) to bend 15 m/m sheet metal with a hardness of 45 kg/mm2, for the manufacture of a new order of ships for a customer in northern Europe.


The customer has a DURMA press brake with a special type of clamping. The punches must be designed to be very robust, with the following characteristics;

– Special clamping to fit the customer’s DURMA press brake.

– Tip with 10 m/m radius to avoid premature wear

– 60° punch angle to compensate for material bending

– Punch height of 270 m/m and width of 65 m/m, which makes the punch very sturdy

– Made of induction-hardened and ground C-50 steel

The 6 special punches manufactured in 1,020 m/m sections can be seen above.


The dies are manufactured with the following characteristics;

– The press brake is 6 metres long, but to facilitate the handling of the dies, they were manufactured in two 3,100 m/m sections.

– Die with a 200 m/m “V”, prepared to bend 15 m/m sheet iron without difficulty.

– 60 m/m socket at the base of the die, so that it fits perfectly in our customer’s press brake.

– Radius of 15 m/m at the “V” to facilitate sheet movement during the bending process.

– 80° die angle to compensate for material bending

– M20 thread at the ends of the die, to be able to fit a ring and facilitate the positioning operation (in addition to increasing its safety).

– Made of induction-hardened and ground C-50 steel

The 2 special dies manufactured in 3,100 m/m sections can be seen above.


All the press brake tools manufactured by Metalmaq, whether special or standard, bear its logo, design number, characteristics and internal job number for traceability.

The engraving on the delivered punch and die can be seen in the photos below.


In order to appreciate the large size of both the punches and the dies manufactured, photos have been taken with a 2 Euro coin.